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Siwa1, 24x24 oil on canvasSiwa4,24x24 oil on canvasUntitled#11, 50x78 oil on canvas Siwa5,24x24 oil on canvas Siwa3, 24x24 oil on canvas Speechless, 12x16 oil on canvasSiwa2, 24x24 oil on canvas PalmTrees1, oil on canvas Morocco1, 9x12 oil on canvas Egypt2, 9x12 oil on canvasPetra1, 9x12 oil on canvasIbnTulunEgypt, 9x12 oil on canvasJerusalem1, 9x12 oil on canvasIndiaLeh2, 9x12 oil on canvasIndiaLeh1, 9x12 oil on canvasDesertLands4SonoraDesert1, 24x24 oil on canvasGrandCanyon1Egypt6, 9x12 oil on canvasSinai1, 24x24 oil on canvasCanyonlands5, 24x24 oil on canvas Canyonlands3, 24x24 oil on canvas Canyonlands4,_24x24_oil_on_canvas  Canyonlands1, 11x14 oil on canvas Canyonlands2, 11x14 oil on canvasConversations, 18x18 oil on canvasEgypt1, 9x12 oil on canvas Mix3, 16x20 oil on canvasMix2, 16x20 oil on canvasDesertVortexMix4, oil on canvasPanorama2GizaRuins1, 6x8 oil on canvasAmboseliElephants_10x20SerengettiLions_10x20AmboseliSunRise_10x20
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